Makeup Essentials

I'm going to put it out there. I really don't like make-up. If I could go make-up free every single day, I would. However, I'm not blessed with model-face perfect skin, so I make do with natural-looking makeup rather than a bare-naked face most days. The following are my holy grail of makeup products. Keep in mind that I am completely and utterly useless with the vast majority of eye related products and so have skipped everything but mascara as I really wouldn't know what is good and what isn't; I could be using the best in the business and still look as if I've been punched in the face.

The top three are my everyday must-must-must haves. Brow gel from The BodyShop, Lucas' Pawpaw and mascara by Elizabeth Arden is often all that I will wear with some SPF moisturizer. When I'm feeling slightly more fancy I will use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer and some concealer (fancy, right?) with a little bit of blush - I will use either the pretty Napoleon mosaic blush or the tried and tested Nars orgasm. Occasionally, the rid lippy will come out (Lime Crime is my most used as it stays on my face forever) and when I'm getting dolled up at night time I go right out and use foundation. This Napoleon Sheer Genius foundation is the stuff of miracles. It doesn't look like you are wearing a mask, which is a huge tick for me, and the little bottle lasts forever if you apply with a brush. Winner!

And then there are the chubby sticks.

These beauties are to my face what butter is to bread. I love them. Halfway between lipstick and balm, they add a touch of colour while moisturizing and allowing the natural texture of your lips to shine through with minimal fuss and no stickiness. Absolute lip HG product. If I'm sounding like a junky, it's because I am!