DIY: Sew Thrifty

Next week marks the end of my university life (for now) and as of late I have been up to my ears in study. However, in my evenings and study breaks I have been inspired by my Nan's thrifty pajama making to try my hand at making a few things of my own. I bought some amazing mint and soft coral material and somehow managed to successfully make my own pair of slinky pajama pants (hurrah!) and a Zimmermann inspired maxi dress and top. To be honest, I'm really quite chuffed with myself and slunk around in my new pajama pants all day yesterday. I'm not quite up to posting tutorials just yet, as I am still learning myself, but once I am more confident perhaps I will take pictures along the way instead of just at the end when it looks as if I knew what I was doing all along.

This is the dress that inspired the neckline and shape of my dress and top. I really do love the straps and back, but am not quite that advanced on my little mini Elna; well not yet anyway. I hope to wear my new dress on the weekend for my sister's 21st festivities, weather depending, so hopefully I will have proper pictures for you very soon!

Here is my mini Elna. Isn't she cute? I'm a sucker for anything mini.

I'm so inspired now. What else should I try to make?

Lauren x