At Home Highlights with Revlon Frost & Glow Kit

I loved the ombre but I was over it pretty quickly. I really only liked it when my hair was wavy. If I straightened it, the ombre just looked like grown out highlights. I wanted it to look effortless, not lazy. Big difference.

So I went darker and then highlighted myself. It's a good transitional autumn color. I really love it! I used the Clairol Professional Premium Creme Haircolor in 5NN. It took 2 bottles to get my whole hair covered. It was DARK. Which I liked but wasn't the result I was going for.

I let that simmer down for about a week and then used a Revlon Frost & Glow Honey Highlighting Kit for Medium to Dark Brown hair. They also have a kit for lighter hair. I prefer the Honey kit, even when my hair is super blonde.

Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting Kit 1 ea

I have honestly been using the Frost & Glow kits since I was about 16. It's the only drugstore highlighting kit I ever use. I've used it on myself, friends, family and even was paid to do a teachers hair in high school. This kit is seriously fool-proof, provided you follow a few simple steps. Here's the method I use to get great results every time.

1. I always highlight on second day hair. I feel like it just works better. Maybe the oils protect my scalp a little more or something, but I never highlight freshly washed hair.

2. I part it down the middle, even though that's not my regular part. This step ensures even distribution of the streaks throughout your hair, regardless of where you normally part.

3. I brush my hair really well and put the cap on as tightly as I can stand. This prevents leakage into the cap.

4. I pull the streaks through every single hole in the cap. There are markings on the cap that you can follow for different effects but I've had the best luck using every hole.

5. After all the streaks are pulled through the holes, I take a brush and brush all the streaks really well. Make sure all the little loops are pulled through near the roots to ensure your streaks are solid. I also put all the hair that is not pulled through the cap into a low pony tail in the back once I am done. This helps prevent any bleach from falling into the hair not being bleached.

6. I start with the bleach in the back as it is usually the darkest and needs the most processing time. I do it in about one inch sections and pull the bleach through the ends first and then work closer to the roots. DO NOT EVER put the bleach straight on the cap. The bleach will puff up as it heats up from processing and WILL bleed through the holes. You want the bleach away from the scalp and off the cap as much as possible. Don't be concerned with getting close to your roots, a little space will give you better results and will avoid spotting. This is the most important step, bleach on the cap will give you leopard spots...EVERY SINGLE TIME.

7. As I complete each section, I loosely clip it with a small plastic claw clip. Don't pile it on your head, again...this will create bleeding. Clip it loosely to keep it from tangling with the other sections and to keep the bleach from dripping, but don't clip it on top of your head.

8. After all the sections are done, gently put the provided plastic cap on and seal with a plastic claw clip on your forehead. 

9. I know my hair is done processing when the streaks turn a very pale yellow while under the plastic. It generally takes 30 minutes of processing for ME, but everyones hair is different. Don't make the common mistake of removing when they look orange. The bleach is still lifting. Wait until you get that pale butter shade and then rinse.

10. The shampoo and conditioner provided is enough to wash about 1/8th of my hair. Use your own shampoo and a nice deep conditioner. This is bleach afterall and will damage your hair somewhat depending on it's condition. I always deep condition after bleaching.

Here's my hair before Frost & Glow...

And here's my results...