Sunday Sailing

On Sunday we celebrated Zac's 25th birthday boating bonanza! The theme was Hawaiian Sundays (think tacky Tiki Hawaiian shirts). The clouds threatened to put a damper on our spirits, but as we cruised along, the skies opened and the sun poured through just enough that I caught a tiny bit of colour on the one patch of exposed skin that escaped my vigilant sun screening. My first burn/tan of Spring/Summer! Yay!

There were a few brave swimmers who swore the water "wasn't that bad", but I was far from convinced and stayed put on board, as did Steph. Smart girls. An offensive amount of alcohol was taken along for the ride, including a 4.5 liter bottle of Pina Colada that Zac had made especially for us. It was very strong and scared me just a little. As did the effect of the wind on my polished hair. Eek! All in all, it was an amazing day. 

Beware: oncoming photo overload! More after the break.


Lauren x