Review: Lovely OPI Hand Lotion

This time of the year my hands are just crazy dry. I don't even know if it's normal how dry they awesome friend got me some of these little OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers hand lotions for my birthday last November and they are impressive.

My favorite of the bunch is the Jasmine scented one. It smells so delectible and different. It does not smell like anything I've smelled before, soft and feminine but not powdery. A very warm scent but not spicy. A little hint of violet is the only familiar scent I can pick out. It's just SO GOOD.

The lotion works so well on my hands, it doesn't just make them soft it actually feels like it's doing something to keep them from getting drier. It goes on light and doesn't feel greasy, absorbs quickly but the results are evident.

I really enjoy this lotion, so much so that I've bought 2 more to make sure I have plenty on (my not so dry anymore) hand!

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